Carpet Square Flooring

carpet squares

Chances are stains, snags, and dirt are inevitable in your home or workplace. With their easy removal capabilities, our carpet square flooring options are a profound solution for your flooring needs. At D.E. McNabb, we offer a wide variety of carpet square styles, brands, and designs to choose from.

The Convenience Of Carpet Square Installation

In your home or business, when a mishap occurs, carpet squares allow for easy replacement. Rather than replacing the entire carpet, you can lift and replace the specific area where the damages are. Not only does this help your floor maintain a fresh, new appearance, but it helps to prolong the life of your carpet for years to come.

With various sizing options, you can let your creativity shine with the ability to place our carpet squares where you desire them most. This style offers a multitude of other benefits including:

  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Easy installation/removal
  • Various sizes
  • Multiple fiber types
  • And more

Call or contact D.E. McNabb to learn more about our carpet square installation and bring immense comfort to your home or business today!

All of our installs are backed by our Lifetime Labor Guarantee