Carpet Floor Padding

carpet padding

Carpet floor padding helps to promote comfort, longevity, and durability in your new flooring. We offer a wide selection of carpet padding types with different compositions and densities. Padding comes in various poundage from 5lbs to 8lbs, which are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Our team will help you find effective carpet padding for your space so you experience comfortable carpet for years to come.

Why Is Carpet Floor Padding Important?

Padding is a key asset to prolonging the life of your carpet. Aside from its immense soothing properties, it is also great for:

  • Preventing the underside of your carpet from wearing away
  • Helpful against heavy foot traffic
  • Assisting with carpet sustainability underneath heavy furniture
  • Extending the life of your carpet
  • And more

Call or contact us for more information about our carpet floor padding installation options and extend the life of your carpet today!

All of our installs are backed by our Lifetime Labor Guarantee