Frieze Carpet Flooring

When it comes to carpet, a style that not only provides comfort but conceals the dirt, stains, and wear that collect overtime is exceptionally desirable. Our frieze carpet flooring options are composed of tight yarn-based fibers that are twisted, making this beautiful style an ideal solution for hiding any imperfections that occur over the life of a carpet.

Why Choose Frieze Carpet Installation?

Frieze carpet flooring has become increasingly popular due to its ability to produce desirable benefits for your space. There are numerous reasons as to why this style of pile carpet is a great fit for your home or business including:
  • Durability
  • Unique design and composition
  • Ability to hide seams
  • Forgiving on messes and footprints
  • And more
Most frieze or pile carpets have a casual, two-toned appearance, tending to any color combinations you may have on your walls. This style upholds dimensions to bring coziness to your home or workplace. Our team will help you choose the frieze carpeting that completes any décor-style you have masterfully created.

At D.E. McNabb, our professional staff will not only help you find the frieze carpet installation for your needs but add style, comfort, and uniqueness to your home or business. Call or contact our carpet experts today for more information!

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